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Jack the Zombie

Jack the Zombie - Brilliant little puzzle game by “BigDino” website with intelligent puzzles and cute zombie characters. Kind of physics based like Flaming Bazooka, “kind of” because the physics don’t really match the real world physics, it means, first you need to learn the environment and how to interact the objects in the game, than learn the control mechanism over the objects and how you can influence them. First couple of levels might be a little too easy but unless you know everything there is to know about the game you won’t be able to beat it completely. This is why I mentioned the game Zombie Bazooka, it also looks a lot like the game Fragger. There are similarities in game mechanics, concept and even visuals. Rest assured, Jack the Zombie is the best among those. More relaxing, easy to adapt, full of out of the box puzzles and more importantly, much more entertaining.

As expected the achievement system is presented in Jack the Zombie game with total 20 achievements. Some of them are easy to unlock, some are real pain in the a$$. But this is not a difficulty challenge, it’s all receiving fun from the game like it is with most BigDino games. Another interesting and rare thing about it is the music. It is extremely rare when we get a decent track in flash games, because of obvious reason I might add. The soundtrack in JTZ game is fitting, kind of classic jazz track suits the game best. You can of course turn it off along with the sound effects if you wish.

There are total 40 levels in the game and more to come according to the game developers. Will be adding the expansion of the game or Jack the Zombie 2 and 3 as soon as it arrives so check back often. Like I mentioned earlier, there are 40 levels in the game; initial levels are somewhat easy in benefit of helping players better understand the game and learn how things operate in it. So when you get past level 6-8, it might get slightly tougher, difficulty level rises as you advance in levels but not to worry we have a walkthrough video recorded by our team just in case you get stuck somewhere, which is not something very unusual with these kinds of games. Nevertheless, we recommend not using walkthrough to fully enjoy the game (yes, sometimes to fully enjoy it you have to inhale certain amount of frustration coming from failure) but in the end, you will feel much more seteisfied if you beat the entire game on your own. Enjoy the game and don’t forget feedback and comments, and of course to share the game with your friends via social networks.

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